Week 13 Report on Burundi

As the violence from the contested 2015 elections continue to be recorded, efforts by regional actors through the East African Community (EAC), and the African Union (AU) to resolve the political, human rights and humanitarian crisis continues to suffer setbacks. The random killings, grenade attacks, torture, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and threats to internally displaced persons (IDPs) continue. Security of perceived opponents and supporters of the Burundi ruling elite is equally at stake, with increased assassination of high ranking military officials. The urgency of the situation cannot be over-emphasized. During the reporting period, several incidents of grave concern to individuals and collective security of Burundians were recorded. Systematic utilization of the so-called “surrenders” by security forces resulted in random arrests of youths. These youths were detained at various police stations and national intelligence service (NIS) offices. Routine random arrests and release without charge of these youths creates a permanent state of fear and insecurity within the country.