Letter to US Congress – The Sudanese Revolution Stands with the Ukrainian People

The Sudanese Revolution Stands with the Ukrainian People | February 26, 2022

Dear Members of Congress,

The people of Sudan recognize and support the courage the world admires in the people of Ukraine as they risk their lives to save their country from defeat by a brutal dictator.  The people of Sudan know what it means to risk everything for freedom, peace and justice in opposition to coup leaders determined to maintain control of the country and its resources through deadly force.  What the Sudanese people do not know or enjoy is international recognition and support for their brave struggle or immediate consequences for those who threaten their very existence and any hope for a better future.  The people of Ukraine and Sudan, and all those facing violent persecution by authoritarian leaders, deserve unwavering international support and their aggressors must face severe consequences.

Like Ukraine, the Sudanese people face an adversary in the Russian government.  On February 23rd, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, General Hemedti, one of the Sudan coup leaders, traveled with Sudan’s Minister of Finance to Russia and struck a deal aimed at increasing financial ties between Putin and Sudan’s coup leaders.  Historically, Russia repeatedly used its veto power to block meaningful action at the UN Security Council against Sudan’s former dictator, General Bashir, for serious crimes, including genocide in Darfur.  Since the October 25, 2021 coup, Russia has used its veto power to block sanctions against Sudan’s coup leaders, Generals Burhan and Hemedti.  Russia provided weapons for the Bashir regime, which was well on its way to becoming a Russian client as the second largest buyer of Russian arms in Africa.  Those arms sales continue in Sudan and Russia’s Wagner Group provides training for Sudan’s military and militia to crackdown on pro-democracy protests.  Sudan figures significantly in Russia’s ambitions in Africa, including plans for a naval base in Port Sudan to transfer military equipment and supplies.  The Russian base on the Red Sea would be equipped to host nuclear-powered vessels and up to 300 Russian military personnel.

Like Ukraine, the people of Sudan face a dangerous enabler in the United Arab Emirates.  The UAE was one of three countries, along with India and China, that abstained from a UN vote condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.  Russian oligarchs use UAE as a conduit for financial transactions as do Sudanese coup leaders, particularly with gold sales.  It is time for a full scrutiny of UAE’s role in enabling suppression of democracy.

Without meaningful action taken by the U.S. and its allies, Sudan is subject to engagement between nefarious and opportunistic actors who put the lives and futures of the Sudanese people and the interests of the U.S. and international community at significant risk.  The international community has joined together to demonstrate remarkable resolve and to consider using all available means in defending democracy in Ukraine, including the application of targeted sanctions against Russian interests. The Ukraine invasion showed us that sanctions and other means of support need to be implemented in a timely manner – they need to be used to support democracy before it is too late. We implore the United States to demonstrate the same level of urgency and resolve in Sudan.  The Sudanese people are determined to stand on the side of freedom, peace and justice.  May we stand with them.


US Sudan Advocacy Task Force:

Sally Elatta, Founder, Sudan NextGen, Nebraska

Akram Ahmed, Member, Sudanese American Physicians Association, Minnesota

Fareed Zein, Board Chairman, Sudanese American Public Affairs Association, USA

Nada Fadul, Vice-Chair, Association of Sudanese-American Professors in America, Nebraska

Jalelah Ahmed, Founder, Kandaka Magazine, Washington, DC

Lauren Fortgang, Director and Co-Founder, Never Again Coalition, Oregon

Esther Sprague, Founder, Sudan Unlimited, California

Hala Al Karib, Human Rights & Pro-Democracy activist

Dismas Nkunda, Atrocities Watch, New York

Nuha Mirghani, Co-Chair, Sudan NextGen, Nebraska

Dr. Abdel Gabar Mustafa, Sustainable Development Response Organization (SUDRO), USA

Nuraddin Mannan, Nubia Project, USA

Dr. Mutaal Girshab, Director General, Regional Centre for Training and Development of Civil Society (RCDCS), Khartoum, Sudan

Eileen B. Weiss, New York Coalition for Sudan, New York

Mark C. Hackett, Executive Director, Operation Broken Silence, Tennessee

Amber Maze, Executive Director, Crane Center for Mass Atrocity Prevention, Indiana

Roz Duman, Founder/Executive Director, Coalition Against Global Genocide, Colorado

Rev. Heidi McGinness, Unflinching Hope Worldwide, Nebraska

Richard Sribnick, MD,            Darfur Action Group of South Carolina

Sandra Hammel, Director, Use Your Voice to Stop Genocide Rhode Island

Sonja Miley, Co-Executive Director, Waging Peace,           United Kingdom


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