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Age limit bill signed into law

President Yoweri Museveni signed the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 2017 into law on 27 December 2017 following a parliament vote with 317 for and 97 against.

The Constitution Amendment Act 2017 removes the minimum and maximum age limits for presidential candidates. It also restores limiting presidential two terms and extends parliamentary terms of office from five to seven years.

MP survives angry voters

A member of Parliament in Jinja district Moses Muwanika survived being lynched by residents when he attended the burial ceremony. When the MP was invited to address the mourners, he was pelted and insulted by angry voters who criticized him for voting “yes” to the bill to remove presidential age limits. Mr. Muwanika was forced to take refuge in his office in the town council as he waited for the crowd to calm down..

Opposition to Isolate 317 MPs

The president of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change party, Patrick Amuriat, announced a campaign to isolate the 317 members of parliament who voted for the constitutional amendment bill that was passed into law by the president. While addressing journalists Mr. Amuriat asked party officials to mobilize the public to isolate the 317 MPs by not allowing them to speak at public functions.

Forget elections says Dr Besigye

The former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has called on Ugandans to not participate in the next elections and join him in his struggle to get Museveni out of power. Dr. Besigye accused Museveni of signing himself into life presidency when he signed the constitutional amendment bill into law. Dr. Besigye called democratic elections and the parliament a façade and asked Ugandans who want change to join his non-violent struggle and not bother preparing for elections.

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