Watch Update 79

UN staff kills 2

A UN peacekeeper killed two civilian contractors in Juba. The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said in a statement that the incident happened in Juba at one of its bases. The statement however does not disclose the identity of the deceased nor the shooter. The UNMISS however says that they are investigating the matter and they convened a team to review the incident.[1]

NAS accuses SPLA of imminent attack

The rebel group the National Salvation Front (NAS) led by Thomas Cirilo has released a statement accusing the government of attempting to attack their bases.

NAS’ chief of staff said that the government has been saying that NAS is looting property and raping women, however NAS says that this is propaganda and a ploy by the government to get a reason to attack them.

Gen. Fa,izi Ismail Fatur emphasized that NAS is committed to peace in South Sudan. He also called on the international community not to believe the things being said about NAS. He added that this is a move by the government to gather international support and sympathy. [2]

Ceasefire monitors humiliated

The Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) called upon the government to hold accountable the people responsible for an assault on the CTSAMVM members in Luri. In December 2018, a group of CTSAMVM members were attacked and detained by government security agents. During the detention, one of the members of the peace keeping body who is from Ethiopia was forced to walk around naked. CTSAMVM condemned this act and called on the government to find the perpetrators and have them face justice for this violation. CTSAMVM also said that enforcing accountability for actions is the only way such violations can be stopped in South Sudan.[3]

SPLA-IO may join national dialogue

The rebel group led by Dr. Riek Machar, the SPLA-IO said that they would consider joining the national dialogue if some modifications are made to the process. An official from the rebel group Elias Nyamlell said that the dialogue is a people driven process and they want to be a part of it. The rebel group had a consultative meeting with the dialogue committee which the co-chair of the national dialogue planning committee Gabriel Yoal Dok described as good.[4]

Youth recruitment drive

Numerous youths in Twic state in South Sudan are being arrested by members of the South Sudan People’s Defence forces for what people are calling recruitment drive. According to the reports, several youths have been arrested by the military for no reason and they are not being charged. Many in the area believe that the army is recruiting young males into their ranks despite the implementation of the ceasefire and a restricted joint military force.[5]

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