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Another arms embargo on Juba

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has adopted a resolution drafted by that United States threatening to impose an arms embargo on South Sudan as well as sanctions against individuals who are blocking peace efforts in the country. The draft resolution states that the council expresses its intention to consider all measures including an arms embargo. This is the second such a move is being considered for the case of South Sudan after a 2016 vote to impose an arms embargo failed when eight countries abstained from the vote.[1]

AI calls on UN to increase presence

As the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) mandate is to be extended for two more years later this week, Amnesty International has called on the United Nations to increase their presence in South Sudan beyond the Protection of Civilians (POC) sites. Amnesty International’s Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn, and the Great Lakes, Dr. Joan Nyanyuki said that the POCs are lifesavers to many people and can help those who are affected by the continued fighting in the country. She also asked the UN to reach out to areas beyond the POCs and to fight things like sexual violence that has been a serious problem in many areas, including Wau State.[2]

UN’s radio muted

The media regulator of South Sudan suspended Miraya FM that is supported by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan over failure to comply with regulatory requirements. The South Sudan Media Authority said that the station failed to get a valid broadcasting license before the deadline and its frequency was shut down on 9 March 2018. There are allegations that this suspension was a result of increased censorship of the media by South Sudan government. Censorship is not new in South Sudan as in July 2017 the government blocked access to four news websites on allegations of hostile reporting. The managing director of the South Sudan Media Authority Elijah Alier Kuai denied this saying that even though Miraya FM is ran by the UN it has to be regulated.[3]

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