Watch Update 51

46 UNMISS police suspended over sexual abuse

A group of 46 Ghanaian police officers at the protection of IDPs site in Wau have been withdrawn because of allegations of sexual misconduct. The complaint against the group was received on 8 February. They were accused of engaging in sexual activity with the women in the protected site. The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) released a statement saying that sexual exploitation and abuse would not be tolerated and their priority is the rights of the victims. Ghana’s Director of Police Public affairs vowed to co-operate with the UN to investigate the allegations.[1]

40 army officers identified war crimes

An investigation by the United Nations Commission of Human Rights has gathered detailed evidence that over 40 South Sudanese officials may be criminally liable for crimes against humanity and war crimes from the outbreak of the civil war in South Sudan. The names of the individuals are included in a confidential annex to the report. The investigators had satellite imagery, interviews of witnesses and more than 50,000 documents. Among the suspected culprits are eight Lieutenant Generals, eight Brigadier generals, seventeen major generals, five colonels and three state governors.[2]

Rebel commander killed by government

SPLA-IO rebels allied to Dr. Riek Macher conformed that their commander Major Felix Likambo was killed during an attack on their base in Yei River State. The rebels said that they were attacked by government troops who killed the commander and wounded another soldier. The rebels added that they retreated to avoid civilian causalities.[3]

5 million in need of food

A humanitarian organization, CARE International, warned on February 26 that over five million people in South Sudan will be in need of food assistance this year. CARE pointed out that 155,000 people including 28,000 children are likely to suffer from extreme hunger.[4]

Over 1,000 firearms recovered from civilians

More than 1,000 fire arms have been collected from the people of South Sudan’s Western State. Western State Governor Matur Chut Dhuol said that the process of disarmament is going smoothly and is aimed at fostering peace, security and stability.[5]

Civilians killed in clashes

Rebels in Bieh State claimed that thirteen people, including four children, were killed in an attack by government forces in the Uror County. The information minister of Bieh State, John Daniel, said that government forces attacked rebel positions, adding that two government soldiers were also killed in the attacks.[6]

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