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Malong’s associate shot dead

An associate of Former Army Chief of Staff Paul Malong was shot dead in a hotel in Juba on Friday evening. Bol Deng Miyen was shot by unknown gunmen after he met with soldiers associated with Paul Malong following their release from detention.

New rebel group formed

A new rebel group has been formed in Ruweng State, South Sudan near the border with Sudan. The new group is called the South Sudan United Liberation Movement and is commended by Brig. Gen. Zachariah Monyjiek. Brig. Monyjiek is a former member of the national army, who defected, claiming that President Salva Kiir waged a tribally engineered war and failed to deliver services to the people of South Sudan. He also accused Kiir of deviating from the spirit of the SPLA. According to Brig. Monyjiek, the new rebel group seeks to overthrow Kiir by fighting for the rights of the people of South Sudan so that they can choose their leaders democratically.

Attackers kill 40

An attack by unidentified armed youth in Duk Payuel County in Jonglei State left 40 people dead and 19 others injured. The attackers hit the town on Tuesday morning, burnt down buildings, took cattle and abducted women and children. Jonglei State’s information minister stated that some were missing after the attack.

More fighting in Pagak

On Saturday, there were clashes between government forces and rebels allied to Riek Macher in Pagak. According to the group’s spokesperson, William Gatjiath Deng, government forces attacked their position in the area but were repulsed. The attack led to the death of two rebel, and several government, soldiers.

Government troops accused of committing atrocities

The rebel faction allied to former vice president Dr. Riek Macher has accused government troops of killing civilians during an attack in Bari in Amadi state. The rebel spokesperson, Paul Mal Gabriel. stated that the government forces attacked them in Bari killed two civilians and forced many others to flee their homes. The rebel spokesperson acknowledged losing control of Bari after the attack, however national army spokesperson, Lul Ruai Koang, denied the allegations and claimed that the rebels who attacked their position in Bari.

Violence against women in South Sudan amongst the highest in the world

A new survey by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and George Washington University’s Global Women’s Institute suggests that violence against women in South Sudan is among the highest in the world, with 65% of the women surveyed saying they have experienced sexual or physical violence either by husbands, relatives or militants.

Humanitarian aid starts to flow

Several humanitarian organizations operating in Yei River State, including the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), arrived in Morobo County for the first time since July 2016. Humanitarian organizations were barred from accessing Yei State after government security agencies accused them of supplying rebel forces with food, aid and ammunition. Last week the president sent an order to all states to allow humanitarian organization to access all people that need the aid.

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