Watch Update 37

Dialogue process ends in April 2018

The co-chair of the steering committee of the national dialogue, Angelo Beda, said that the committee intends to end the process in April 2018. He added that process will start with grassroots consultations, then regional and finally the national round table conference. Thereafter the results of the dialogue will be announced. According to the co-chair, there is still time for comprehensive consultations and in his communication, he declared that President Salva Kiir relinquished the role of patron and will only be consulted in the capacity of South Sudan president and a key stakeholder in the process.

Rogue commander killed

The army commander who was on trial alongside several others for the attack on the Terrain Hotel in July was found dead during the week. The commander, named Akechak, was accused of leading the attack on the hotel where aid workers were raped and one of them was killed. The trial of the remaining soldiers continues.

Government wants one body from opposition groups

After agreeing to the IGAD revitalization process, which included a ceasefire, the government of South Sudan has refused to meet with the several separate opposition groups. Minister of Information Michael Makuei said that the groups should combine and form one body with which the government will negotiate. Makuei reportedly said that although the groups have different objectives, they are basically saying the same thing.

Three new strategies to end war

The government of South Sudan has unveiled three new strategies to end the conflict in their country without further loss of lives. According to presidential adviser Tut Kew Gatluak, the president has been consulting with many people, including the vice president and the presidential advisor, on the three strategies that can end the conflict. The three strategies include, the revitalization process led by IGAD, the unification of the SPLM led by Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni and finally the national dialogue. According to Gatluak, the president agreed to take part in the IGAD revitalization process without condition because it was part of the strategy. He says it is also the reason why he stepped down from the helm of the national dialogue and let the steering committee run it freely.

Namibia contributes to peacekeeping mission

At least nine Namibian police officers have been sent to South Sudan as part of the United Nation’s peacekeeping mission. The contingent will be doing general policing and maintaining law and order in South Sudan. Namibian Inspector of Police Sebastian Ndeitunga praised his forces as well disciplined and professional. He also added that the officers will be under the command of Jona Nairenge and will be joining 12,000 troops in South Sudan under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

Act now- US Ambassador tells Kiir

The US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley visited the country and had no kind words for Salva Kiir or his government. Ambassador Haley, remarking on her visit, said that she had a frank conversation with Salva Kiir about the lack of progress towards peace in the country: “What I told him was that the United States does not want to hear a lot of talk. I was not to listen to what he wants to say. I was here to say the United States is at a cross point. It not about the talk, it’s about the action.” Haley also said that the US had lost trust in Salva Kiir’s government and there is need to regain it. She further added that the “Time for action is now, we are not waiting anymore, we need to see a change and we need to see it right away.”