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Ugandan gunship in Bieh fighting

Fighting broke out on October 7th in Bieh state when rebels allied to Dr Riek Macher described as a Ugandan helicopter gunship opened fire at the rebel strong hold in Waat. Rebel spokesperson said the gunship targeted the airstrip in Bieh injuring both rebels and civilians. The fighting left many dead and other displaced. The rebels however announced that they were able to repel the government forces from the area and retained control of their base.

Ex rebels to rejoin army

The South Sudanese government plans to reintegrate former rebels into the armed forces of the nation in the Northern Liech state. Colonel Dickson Gatluak Jok, the spokesperson for the SPLM-IO faction said that their armed forces welcomed the move. He believes the integration will bring change and more unity to the communities.

IGAD forum back on track

A former rebel commander who broke away from Dr. Riek Macher is optimistic with IGAD revitalization forum of the peace process. General Peter Gatdet expressed these views after meeting with the revitalization forum team. IGAD unveiled the timetable for the revitalization forum last week and it would have consultations with the Leaders of South Sudan and the citizens. The activities start on 13th October and go until the 17th.General Gatdet said that peace is a priority and the forum is one that will help to achieve it. He applauded IGAD for the move and shared his optimism for the success of the revitalization forum.

Kiir says South Sudan is in imposed peace

President Slava Kiir during an address to the governors of the Gbudue Boma state said that the peace that was imposed on the country by foreign parties is responsible for the resumption of the fighting in July of 2016.  He put the blame of the fighting that broke out in 2016 on the external efforts that are oblivious to the national dynamics. The president said that the people of South Sudan know what is good for them and what is not. He therefore urged the people to rally behind the national dialogue saying that the imposed peace agreements create a situation of continuous war and prolong the conflict.

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