Watch Update 33

Kiir commits to ending war

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has in a meeting with the head of the UN Mission in South Sudan David Shearer ahead of the United Nations General Assembly promised to end war and bring peace to South Sudan. It is rare that the UN and the head of government in Juba meet as the two have had tensions in the past over the handling of the security of civilians in the country.

Commissioner defects into rebel ranks

The state commissioner for Nyal county in Liech state has declared allegiance to the armed opposition side of Dr. Riek Macher the SPLA-IO. Peter Gatkoi said that the government had failed to restore peace despite signing the peace agreement in 2015. Peter Gatkoi said that he defected because he had seen the horrible conditions that people faced in the IDP camps. He said that he could not watch while the people who voted for independence continue to die every day.

UN withdraws 30 workers

Following the fighting in The Aburoc area in South Sudan between the government forces and rebels, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan has withdrawn 30 aid workers. David Shearer said it was important that the warring sides to stop the fighting because there are civilians in the area in need of humanitarian assistance. There are only about 10,000 people left in the Aburoc area.

IGAD is relevant – Dr. Macher

The leader of the SPLA-IO armed faction Dr. Riek Macher has said IGAD said that it is no longer qualified to mediate the South Sudan peace processes. In a letter to the UN secretary General Antonio Guterres, Riek Macher criticized IGAD nations of using the South Sudan crisis to achieve their own national interests. He pointed to the IGAD council of ministers meeting that took place on 24th July and the High-Level Revitalization Forum that did not invite the opposition. Macher then suggested that IGAD relinquishes the role of lead mediator in the peace process since it has missed many opportunities for a genuine process to end the war.

Vice president calls for global support

The first Vice president of South Sudan Taban Deng Gai who is representing Salva Kiir at the United Nations General assembly appealed to the world body for global support to put the country back on the road to peace. In his speech, he mentioned having discussed with several delegations about offering support to South Sudan to find lasting pace and to help the people that have been affected by the war including those in the Internally Displaced People’s camps so that they can be able to return to their homes.

Not time for elections- UN

The United Nations has warned the government of South Sudan again that the organization of election in 2018 could trigger more violence. According to the UN an election in the country before peace is achieved could lead to more divisions and more violence in the country. But president Salva Kiir insists that they will have elections as a fulfillment of the peace promises that he has made to the people of South Sudan.

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