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Threat as Museveni reunification process stalls
The reunification of the SPLM party initiated by the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni is under threat with a former lawmaker saying he and other critics have received death threats to sabotage the reconciliation process between the SPLM and the Former detainees. Wol Deng who is a former MP said that he received warnings to dis-associate himself from the Former Political detainees and their reunification with the SPLM. Wol said that the threats were meant to frustrate the efforts of the reunification of Salva Kiir and the former political detainees also known as G10.

Aid workers killed reach 85
The government of South Sudan through the minister for Humanitarian affairs and Disaster management has vowed to protect aid workers and all the humanitarian organizations’ staff as they help to alleviate the crisis in the country. This declaration was made after David Shearer the head of the UN mission in South Sudan during a speech to commemorate World humanitarians’ day said that South Sudan is the most dangerous place for humanitarian workers to operate. He said about 15 aid workers were killed last year that brought the number of aid workers killed during the conflict to 85.

A call for inclusive dialogue
The international Youth for Africa and the Centre for Peace and Justice met in
Kampala to brainstorm on an inclusive national dialogue for the peace process in
South Sudan. The meeting brought together about 50 participants including
refugees, religious leaders and civil society groups. They sought the views of
South Sudanese on ways that lasting peace can be attained with the help of the
national dialogue. The Executive director of the International Youth for Africa said
that both Salva Kiir and Riek Macher need to compromise on the things that
matter in South Sudan and there has to be a neutral ground where the religious
and civil society groups are allowed to express their views freely.

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