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$400 million needed for Burundi refugees 

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) launched a funding appeal for $391 million to support the Burundian refugees in the countries where they fled. The appeal that was presented in Geneva seeks to get funding from donors to support the over 400,000 refugees spread out across Tanzania, DRC, Rwanda and Uganda. With the number of refugees increasing and most of them living in refugee camps there is need to provide more humanitarian aid to them. The UNHCR also called on the neighboring countries not to force the refugees to return back to their country against their will as was done by Tanzania in 2017.[1]

Stop interfering – Burundi tells UN boss

The first deputy vice president Gaston Sindimwo told the UN secretary general not to interfere in the affairs of Burundi with regard to the amendment of the constitution. The UN secretary general Antonio Guterres criticized the proposed amendment of the Burundian constitution. He suggested that the process is done inclusively with an inclusive dialogue so as the obtain the widest consensus from the stakeholders, however, the first deputy vice president responded to the report saying that the government consulted all the people before moving ahead with the decision to amend the constitution.[2]

Oppression by the ruling party

A report by the Burundi Coalition for the International Criminal Court for the month of January has expressed several cases of the ruling party oppressing the opposition in a bid to increase and consolidate their power in Burundi. The report points to the massacre and investigations of FNL party members in July 2006. The report also addressed the attempt by the Burundian government to amend the constitution in 2014 and the suppression of press freedoms that followed thereafter. [3]

Grenade attack – 20 arrested

The spokesperson of the ministry of security Pierre Nkurunkiye confirmed that there was a grenade attack at a truck depot in Bujumbura the capital city of Burundi. Luckily there were no deaths and minimal damages were sustained. About 20 people were arrested from the scene as investigations are on going to establish those responsible for the attack.[4]

Bujumbura mayor leads protest

A group of Burundians took to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate against the report made by the UN secretary General to the UN security Council where he criticized the move by the Burundian president to amend the constitution and extend his rule. The report which the secretary general is required to present to the UN security Council every 3 months was not welcomed by the Burundians who were led by the mayor of Bujumbura took to the streets and were asked by the mayor to boo at the report and at the secretary general Mr. Antonio Guterres.[5]

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