Burundi watch Monthly Update – June

Summary The constitutional referendum held 17 May was characterized by a large number of arbitrary arrests mainly targeting members of the opposition Amizero y’Abarundi. As President Pierre Nkurunziza proclaimed the new constitution, he also pledged to step aside in 2020. But a considerable portion of the population remains opposed to this constitutional reform. Burundi’s two… View Article

South Sudan Watch Update 61

UN threats of sanctions increase The United Nations Security Council on Thursday 31 voted in favour of imposing additional sanctions on South Sudan. The council voted 9 -0 in favour of the sanctions but delayed their implementation until the end of June, giving the warring parties in South Sudan until then to make peace if… View Article

Burundi Watch Update 106

Opposition loses challenge to referendum The constitutional court in Burundi cancelled a petition filed by the opposition to annul the May 17 referendum on the basis of intimidation, torture and killings of citizens during the campaigns. The court declared on Thursday, May 31 that the results were legitimate and the majority of the people on… View Article

South Sudan Watch Update 60

Raila appointed South Sudan envoy Kenyan former Prime Minister and presidential candidate Raila Odinga has been appointed Kenya’s special envoy to South Sudan by the President Uhuru Kenyatta. Raila Odinga has already been to Addis Ababa to meet with Salva Kiir during the recently concluded peace talks. The two had a closed-door meeting but reports… View Article

Burundi Watch Update 105

Referendum passes Burundi held a referendum on 17 May to decide on a series of constitutional amendments, including whether or not the presidential term of office should be extended from five to seven years. While the day of the referendum passed peacefully, there were many incidents of intimidation, threats and violence in the days leading… View Article

Burundi Watch Monthly Update – May

Summary In the run up to the constitutional referendum, the number of arbitrary arrests increased remarkably. All the cases we monitored we were able to record were carried out by either Imbonerakure militiamen or the police or the two working together. They targeted those who campaigned against changing the constitution, particular Forces Nationales de Libération… View Article

Road to the Burundi Referendum 2018

On May 17 2018, Burundians will go to the polls for a referendum in which the people will decide whether or not the president’s term of office should be extended from five to seven years. The opposition in Burundi has seen this as a violation to the constitution and an attempt for the president to… View Article

South Sudan Watch Update 59

“ Come back” Kiir tells Machar The president of Salva Kiir requested the former vice president Riek Macher to return home to South Sudan. During a meeting with the National Leadership Council, the president asked the IGAD ministers of foreign affairs to allow Dr. Riek Machar to return home to Juba. He added that he… View Article

South Sudan Watch Update 58

UN sees peace process under threat The Head of the UN Mission in South Sudan David Shearer expressed his concerns over the viability of the peace process in South Sudan in the context of increased fighting between the rebels and the government forces despite the cessation of hostilities agreement signed last December. In the last… View Article